Process Of Buying a Home - VIDEOS

Quick #CrashCourse for Home Buyers!

Jump in the car and take a ride on the Road Map of buying a home with us! Each episode goes over a snippet of the process.

Join us and watch our recorded webinar to get a handle on the entire process! We will had our team of Realtors, a loan officer, real estate attorney, home inspector and home warranty representative to go over each portion of the process and their functions to assist YOU in buying your very first (or next) home. ;)

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Are you thinking about buying a home? Don't know where to start or how the whole process works?? Haven't been in the market to buy a home in the last few years and want a refresher course??? Then, this is for YOU!

Here is the WHOLE process in one video!!!  We did this webinar video with all the professionals involved in the process of buying a home, so you can get the full picture of the process. 

Each "snippet" below is one part of the process - we recorded these prior to the webinar.    Feel free to watch each snippet as you go through the process OR watch the entire webinar for the full overview of the process.  Enjoy!

Episode 1:  The Pre-Approval

Episode 2:  The Search

Episode 3:  The OFFER!

Episode 4: The CONTRACT

Episode 5: The Mortgage Process

Episode 6: CLOSING DAY!