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A Guide to Keeping Your Pet Safe in Your Yard

If you have to spray your yard with pesticides or weed deterrents, allow the pesticides to completely dry before letting your pet back into the treated area. Keep your fertilizer use to a minimum, and verify that your preferred type won’t harm your pet. Use organic yard treatments whenever possible. For example, an all-natural mixture of water and cayenne pepper sprayed on vegetables in a garden can keep pests at bay while protecting the yields of homeowners with green thumbs. Store yard equipment like clippers and lawn mowers, especially of the electric variety, away from pets to reduce the potential for injury.


You can encourage yard safety by limiting the destruction that your pet engages in by providing distractions. Stimulating toys and obstacle courses can keep your dog from digging up your yard or gnawing at physical structures. For especially rambunctious pets, a good way to maintain control is to use a leash when they’re taken outdoors. Keeping your pet indoors while you’re out and about can significantly decrease the incidence of potentially dangerous misbehavior as well.


Pools provide a serious threat to pet safety, especially if your animals are not agile swimmers. If your pet is not accustomed to swimming, use physical barriers to block access to your pool area. Since pools can be attractive to animals who want to take a dip because of the heat, consider taking some time to teach your pet how to swim. Verify that your pet is a breed that can swim with little problem, and take special precautions if your pet is elderly or brachycephalic. Maintain your pool’s chlorine balance to deter algae growth and complications that can arise if your pet eats algae or ingests an excess of pool-related chemicals.


Increase your vigilance about pet safety as certain seasons and holidays approach. Allow your pet the comfort and safety of enjoying an indoor environment if you know that a fireworks display is scheduled for your neighborhood. Through the Halloween week, ensure that your pets are kept away from decorations, candy, and other foods that can be toxic to them. Consider installing shade structures and placing a water bowl with an automatic replenishment system in your backyard to keep your pets cool and hydrated. Remember that pets are especially vulnerable to heat-related issues during the early spring and summer, as they haven’t fully grown accustomed to the change of seasons.


Put up fences that can deter local wild animals that pose potential threats to your pets. For example, a fence with barbed wire can help guard your pets against roaming coyotes that may consider your pet to be prey. Similarly, you can reduce the instance of unwelcome visits from neighboring and curious domestic animals by being smart about what you keep in your backyard. Restrict access to pet food and water sources when your animal isn’t outdoors so that your yard is less inviting to neighborhood pets that are on the prowl.

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Scammers Targeting Movoto and Real Estate Agents at it Again

Scammers are once again trying to scam unsuspecting real estate agents around the country, $10 at a time, while pretending to from be Movoto Real Estate via text and email. And it’s happening at high volumes all over the country.

“When it happens, we get 200 to 300 voice mails from agents who have been targeted,” says Noel Smith, a Movoto customer care representative. “They work their way from the East Coast to the West Coast.”

And the fraudsters are convincing.

“I’ve seen a lot of scams, but this is in the top 5 percent of scammers in terms of how legit it looks,” says Adam Garett, a Realtor of Greg Garrett Realty in Newport News, Virginia. Garrett received a text message, which read:

“Dear Realtor, you’ve received a PreQualified real estate lead from MOVOTO” accompanied by a link.

The link took him to mock-up lead page which includes Movoto’s logo, an actual listing, an actual agent’s name, and some blocked out contact information. Accompanying text said this was a pre-qualified lead “as a trial from Movoto” which can be purchased for $10.

These scams have affected other brokerages and listing websites like Redfin and realtor.com, which were targeted earlier this year.

Agents who are hooked into the scam—which is understandable, since, as Garett notes, agents have to quickly respond to leads—pay and are given a phone number to someone who gives them the runaround.

“They must have a call center working for them,” says Noel. “They say the person is on vacation, or there’s a cash buyer. Then they say they’ll call back in a few days.”

They don’t, of course. But there’s some good news: there hasn’t been any evidence yet that the scammers are attempting identity theft.

“To our knowledge, it seems like they’re only after that $10 and hitting as many agents as possible with the scam,” says Noel.

But it’s possible to get that $10 back.

“PayPal usually refunds the money. Even with credit and banking institutions, those charges can be disputed as well,” says Noel. So if it happens, call whatever bank, credit card or online payment system you used to pay for the fake lead.

And remember, Movoto Real Estate does not request payments upfront for leads. Movoto Real Estate is pay upon close, when the client is ready, able and willing to make the transaction happen. Furthermore, Movoto does not send out referrals directly. If you receive any texts or emails requesting money for a lead upfront, it’s not Movoto Real Estate.

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Movoto Realtor Tammie Trinh Fights for Her Clients

The simple fact that Tammie Trinh has carved out a tremendously successful career in one of the toughest markets in the US, the Bay Area, over the last 15 years speaks volumes about her dedication, knowledge, and savvy when it comes to real estate. Her background as Sr. Mortgage Consultant since 2003, a title she maintains to this day, means her experience and knowledge transcend buying and selling homes to truly offer a full-service experience.

When it’s time to work with someone Tammie dives deep and really does her homework, learning all the ins and outs of the market climate and the client’s goals, and doesn’t waste any time getting them what they want. She once helped a young couple who had been struggling for over a year to find a home. They had made plans to buy a home, get married, and start a family, but their journey had been derailed by their home-buying struggles. Tammie met with them and, with her guidance, they had found their dream home in one week. By the time she attended their housewarming, they were pregnant with their first child.

At Movoto, we were drawn to her bullish, no-nonsense attitude and her dedication to getting the job done, but people are her priority—so much so that she transcends the bottom line. She was able to secure a home for a couple over a higher cash bid because her honesty and integrity left a mark on the sellers. “The house we wanted had 33 offers in and we weren’t even the highest offer, but Tammie left a lasting impression on the sellers that they gave us an opportunity to match and win the house. Tammie is the reason why we own a beautiful home in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

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More than a Realtor, Ronnie Mangulabnan Is a Star in the Fresno Community


Ronnie Mangulabnan has a quality that makes him truly bond with his clients. “I had some great mentors who taught me to always be genuine,” he explains. Rather than viewing his youth and relatively junior career as detriments, he has leveraged them as ways to be more down-to-earth and relatable to those he works with. After many successful closings, he remains close friends with most of his past clients to this day.

Beyond his personable nature, he truly knows the Fresno, CA, market and does everything in his power to serve his clients—even if it means taking calls at 2 a.m. or offering to pay a portion of the closing costs for a young couple who were struggling to get cash together in time for their closing. “I really wanted them to get their new house.” He is a paradigm for the REALTOR® brand, staying active in his community as a board member for both the Young Professionals Network (YPN) and the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). And he takes his passion for serving his hometown of Fresno outside the real estate realm, volunteering regularly for community outreach events and doing community service.

At Movoto, we feel lucky to have him as part of the team. In a relatively short time, he has shown that he is a real advocate for our brand values—exceptional customer service with a strong focus on how technology can push the envelope in the real estate industry. A recent client who Ronnie accommodated while he was deployed in Germany said, “He always kept my best interest in mind and kept great communication throughout the transaction. He offers exceptional service and is an expert in his industry.”

The post More than a Realtor, Ronnie Mangulabnan Is a Star in the Fresno Community appeared first on Movoto Blog.

Why Have Homeowners Insurance? Here Are Four Good Reasons

Your home is your castle. And whether it’s brand-new or 100 years old, your house is likely your biggest investment. So, it makes sense to protect that treasured investment with a comprehensive insurance policy. While insuring your home is not required by law, there are a few compelling reasons why you should have a home insurance policy.

1. If you’ve financed your home, the lender requires it.
It’s true that the law doesn’t mandate that homeowners carry insurance, but if you are financing your house, the mortgage company will insist that the property they’ve financed be insured. In most states, lenders are allowed to purchase a policy if you don’t have one and tack the premiums on to your monthly payment. By obtaining your own insurance, you’ll save money and get the coverage that’s best for your needs. Don’t pay the bank more money than absolutely necessary.

2. Your home is a major investment, and insuring it protects you financially.
Insurance isn’t always a popular product, but it is an effective one. If your property is damaged due to a natural disaster, fire, vandalism, burglary, etc., the cost of repairs can climb into the tens of thousands of dollars. Homeowners insurance covers not only your primary residence, it insures other structures like sheds and garages (attached or detached). It’s simple math, really: Just one insurance claim payout can easily total more than you’ve paid in premiums, so no matter what happens, you’re protected.

3. Insurance covers more than just physical structures.
More than the walls and roof and floors, homeowners policies insure your precious belongings. Electronics, tools, computers, jewelry, clothing, appliances, etc., are included in your coverage. Depending on your specific endorsements/riders, your belongings may be covered—even when they’re located outside of your home (golf clubs in your car, for example). If a visitor is injured on your property, your policy protects you. And in the event your home isn’t habitable, temporary living expenses while it’s being repaired are also covered by most policies.

4. Insurance gives you strong piece of mind.
The best possible outcome of having insurance, paradoxically, is never having to use it. No matter how cautious you are as a homeowner, however, things happen. Perhaps a clumsy delivery driver slips on your stairs and injures himself. Maybe a negligent utility company doesn’t maintain power lines and a fire breaks out like the 2017 fires in Northern California that decimated entire neighborhoods. Even high-net-worth people can face financial hardship if not properly protected against loss.

As you can see, homeowners insurance is an affordable, convenient way to protect yourself, your home, and your family. If you’re taking out a mortgage, you’ll have to have insurance at or before closing. But don’t just go with the first company your bank refers you to. Be sure to shop around for coverage that not only fits your needs but is from an insurance company that’s reliable and that has a strong reputation. It’s also important to take an inventory of your personal belongings—as Hippo Insurance found most Americans don’t have the right type of insurance or don’t have enough coverage—and the last thing you want is to find out after you’ve made a claim that you’re under-insured.

The post Why Have Homeowners Insurance? Here Are Four Good Reasons appeared first on Movoto Blog.

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