Village of Sleepy Hollow - Then vs Now

Dated: February 14 2021

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Let's take it back for #throwbackthursday and talk about one of our favorite little villages - the Village of #SleepyHollow! Founder of the town, Floyd T. Falese was a relatively young man of 34 when he bought the Sleepy Hollow Farm west of West Dundee in 1953. He farmed the land briefly, acquired additional properties, and then began subdividing the area to create an upscale housing development that was first marketed as Sleepy Hollow Manor. “In the rapid expansion of the suburbs,” he said, “too many areas simply transplanted a city type of housing to outlying areas. They lost the country atmosphere that many people were hungry for when they moved. Houses were hastily built in rows, one on top of another.”

To retain the rural charm and natural contour of the location, Falese retained the services of a prominent planner and landscape architect, Raymond W. Hazekamp, who laid out a pattern of meandering roads, without curbs or sidewalks, that wound into curvilinear cul-de-sacs, avoiding the destruction of a single tree. In addition, spring-fed lakes were dredged and stocked with fish, and homes were constructed on lots of at least half an acre, the designs carefully selected to enhance what Falese called “the Sleepy Hollow concept of good living.” (excerpts taken from  

Sleepy Hollow’s population in its first census in 1960 was just 311. Sleepy Hollow existed as an unincorporated subdivision until 1958 and some residents argued for annexation to West Dundee. “But Falese convinced enough people that taxes would be beyond reason,” said Carl Hoelzer, “and that they’d be forced to install sewer and water at great cost.” A referendum was finally held on March 12, 1958, with low turnout, and the residents voted 40 to 6 to incorporate as the village of Sleepy Hollow. Falese on April 9th was elected village president, a post he held until his death in 1970Sleepy Hollow’s greatest growth occurred during the 1960’s and its population by 1970 had reached 1,729. Population in the 2000 Census was 3553Floyd Falese, who began it all, died at the age of 51 in St. Joseph Hospital in Elgin on March 8, 1970. 

Grateful citizens of Sleepy Hollow dedicated a memorial to their founding father the following Fourth of July, near Lake Sharon on Thorobred Lane.

Today, we see a thriving community of strong neighbors that love their natural surroundingsSleepy Hollow has become an area that many look to buy and make a life in because it offers easy access to commuter routes while committing to a country atmosphere and is full of caring, tight-knit community members.  
Here are a couple quick factoids about Sleepy Hollow you might like to know...
  • There are no sidewalks in the village
  • All homes are on about 1/2 acre or larger lots
  • No fences are allowed
  • Most homes are on private well/septic, but some are city water/sewer
  • There is a "Service Club" who organizes all village events - like the Easter Egg hunt, 4th of July antics (and yes...these fireworks are known as THE ABSOLUTE BEST in a 20 mile radius), Halloween Festivities (including the Headless Horseman) and so many more fun times.

We love this little town!

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