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Dated: March 19 2021

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14 Side Yard Landscape Ideas to Consider This Season - Schmechtig Landscapes

When considering how to make the most of your outdoor space, don’t overlook the side yard. Though they may be narrow or lack the views of the front or backyards, side yards can provide intimate and secluded outdoor spaces for dining, relaxing and entertaining — leaving the front and backyards to satisfy your other outdoor living goals. Check out the makeovers of the following three side yards and see if any of these projects inspire ideas for your space.

Patio makeover #1

BEFORE: Doesn't make you want to go out & relax, does it??

Size: 585 square feet (15 feet wide)

AFTER: The redesigned yard maintains the same footprint as before but has been completely transformed from the inside out. Subheated bluestone pavers cover the ground, making the space more usable throughout the year. On the opposite end of the patio, a new custom outdoor kitchen nestles into the corner next to the side yard entry gate.

Patio makeover #2

BEFORE: This couple aimed to transform a small concrete area used for storing trash cans and recycling bins into an intimate outdoor lounge.

Size: 400 square feet

AFTER: A cozy outdoor living room, anchored by an expansive built-in banquette for lounging and dining, has completely transformed the space. At the far end of the patio, a petite outdoor kitchen allows the owners to grill next to their outdoor seating area.

Patio makeover #3 

BEFORE: The family wanted a private outdoor space in their side yard (their home’s largest outdoor space) where they could cook, dine and entertain in a somewhat private space that also wouldn’t block views of the river from the home.

Size: About 300 square feet

AFTER:  The renovated side yard sits just past the waist-high hedge seen in the previous photo. In the center of the new patio, a stylish teak and aluminum dining table anchors the area. Lush green shrubs and hydrangeas envelop the space and complement the sage green seat cushions of the dining set.


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