Looking to redecorate? These are the hottest paint and color trends for 2021

Dated: May 24 2021

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As we all predicted last year, 2020 was a year for being braver with color trends. Without getting too existential the world was looking grey and our homes became, more than ever, our places of safety, comfort and calm. So it's no surprise that the color trends for 2021 continue to reflect this need for our spaces to feel cozier and more cocooning. Jewel tones and deep hues are a big trend and there's lots of inspiration coming from the natural world too with vivid greens and brown tones. 

And there's also a feeling that we aren't playing it as safe anymore. You'll see that grey and cream and white aren't as apparent as they once were, instead, there are more energetic shades like pinks and yellows and even red has recently made a renaissance. 

So if you are redecorating, or just looking for some ideas to possibly test out a new color scheme, be inspired by our hottest color trends for 2021...

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