Baird & Warner's Long-Time History in Chicagoland

Dated: February 26 2021

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Highlights of our history...

1855 - Baird & Warner records its first transaction: A $5,000 mortgage loan on Washington Street.

1871 - The Great Fire levels 79 blocks of Chicago, including the courthouse that held real estate records. Baird & Warner’s building was destroyed except the safe – which was not fireproof. It was pure luck that it survived. The documents inside helped assure titles and lot lines, making reconstruction easier.

1878 - Lyman Baird’s son, Wyllys joins the company first as office boy, then bookkeeper, clerk and salesman before becoming a junior partner. To help maintain integrity and discourage dishonesty in real estate sales and rentals, he created what today is known as the Chicago Association of Realtors.

1897 - Chicagoland’s population continues to grow, which led to construction of more apartments to provide affordable housing. Baird & Warner made life easier for landlords with a range of services such as collecting rents, providing loans and managing real estate sales.

1928 - Baird & Warner publishes the Portfolio of Fine Apartment Homes, pioneering a whole new way of marketing. Sales agents used the 30-inch tall and lavishly illustrated book to help potential renters or buyers narrow down their choices without spending days of tiresome travel visiting each property in person.

1930s - During the Great Depression, people who lost jobs had no means of paying rent. Without rental income, property owners couldn’t meet mortgage payments. Baird & Warner helped to make a difficult time easier by arranging compromises between building owners and mortgage holders.

1934 - Until this time, restricted loan terms meant only the very wealthy could afford their own home. But when the Federal Housing Authority began programs to encourage single family homeownership, Baird & Warner's business evolved from managing buildings to managing real estate sales.

1962 - John Baird takes a stand and makes a passionate speech for fair housing at City Hall. Baird & Warner was already the largest real estate company in Chicago, so the world listened as Mr. Baird fought for anti-discrimination laws, making the dream of home ownership a reality for many while opening the city and suburbs to renewal.

1988 - Baird & Warner offers its clients an easier, “one-stop shopping” experience by integrating Key Mortgage Services into their business.

2003 - Baird & Warner establishes B&W Title Services to give clients a more seamless real estate experience through an exclusive group of local expert attorneys.

2017 - Baird & Warner is named No. 1 Top Workplace in Chicagoland by the Chicago Tribune – for six years in a row!

2020 - Record Breaking Year for Residential Sales, Title Services AND Key Mortgage. The pandemic forced business closures in the early months of 2020. Real Estate agents & brokerages were assigned the title of "essential workers."  We had to completely change the way we did business - to a more virtual style.  We pivoted in a substantial way to assist our clients who had to make a move during that difficult time; and we continue to innovate to make the buying & selling of homes as easy (and safe) as possible

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