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20 New Uses for Old Firehouses That Are Amazing

WHAT'S OLD IS NEW AGAIN—AND LOOKS GREAT, TOO!Yes, these 20th-century relics—which were once-defunct but now serve as everything from hotels to art galleries to, depending on the depths

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Looking to redecorate? These are the hottest paint and color trends for 2021

As we all predicted last year, 2020 was a year for being braver with color trends. Without getting too existential the world was looking grey and our homes became, more than ever, our places of

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Converted Barn Homes: Barn Style Home Inspiration

When you remove the cattle, equipment, and grain, a barn becomes the perfect empty shell in which to create a family home. Many of the most charming details in a converted barn home end up being the

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17 Churches Creatively Converted Into Homes

Whether it's vaulted arches or stained glass windows, the unique features of church architecture make for awe-inspiring spaces. But what happens when these majestic buildings fall out of use? In the

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